What is Boycott your Bed?

On Friday 21 August 2020, we’re asking you to join forces with family, friends or colleagues to raise money and spend the night in the most unusual place in your home.

You could rough it in the garden, pitch a tent under your table, or bunk down in the bathroom!

On the night you’ll be invited to join a virtual live-streamed event, including interactive activities to keep everyone entertained. We will also provide exciting updates before the event, from den building to fundraising ideas.

Sign up for Boycott your Bed and you’ll be part of a national movement to help vulnerable children and families across the UK.

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Wherever you sleep, you’ll help vulnerable children and families who are in desperate need. Who are worried about their future. And who don’t know when they’ll feel safe and happy again.

About Action for Children

Right now, Action for Children is helping the most vulnerable families across the UK during the coronavirus outbreak.

Even before coronavirus hit, there were over 4.2 million children in the UK locked in poverty. Now vulnerable families in all of our communities have reached breaking point, and Action for Children is doing all it can to help.

We are supporting families to cover the cost of basic essentials, like food, nappies, cleaning products and gas and electricity.

We work to change the lives of vulnerable children in the UK and we’ve been doing this for 150 years.

Last year, we were able to reach 387,000 children, young people and families across the UK.

Helping families thrive

We work within communities across more than 475 local services, in schools and online. We make a real difference by doing what’s proven to work, and by coming up with new solutions.

In our nurseries and children’s centres, our expert staff make sure children get the best start in life. Our foster, adoption and modern residential services find children a loving home. We protect those who have been abused or neglected, and help children who care for others or find themselves homeless.

More about our work

A big thank you for the support so far

Boycott your Bed was inspired by Byte Night, the UK’s longest running corporate sleep out event. We want to say a special thank you to all of our volunteer boards for their support over the last 22 years – and for their support and enthusiasm for our new fundraising event, too.

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